#socialTuesdays 4: Arriving at the circuit in style

In #SocialTuesdays we are having a look at any funny, interesting posts relating Haas and F1 which happened on social media during last race weekend.

And todays Social Tuesdays is all about the Texas grand prix. On a sunny clear day the American fans got treated with a great show. Lets see what was going on behind the scenes and on social media.

Fernando Alonso gets P7 after almost going airborne.

Fernando Alonso got away pretty good and could have crashed big time but lucky enough he could continue the race ending p7!

This race deserves a more enthusiastic finish……

Apple CEO Tim Cook was allowed to have the honors of finishing the race and many people noticed there was not much ‘flagging’ going on…..

Arriving at the circuit in style….

McLaren F1 Driver Daniel Ricciardo arrived the circuit in style on thursday….

Vettels Fans were happy to see there hero is still fighting!

Blonde everywhere….?

Lewis Hamilton joked around with Alex Albon painting his hair blonde for this weekend.

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