Andretti aims to enter F1 in 2024 as the deadline draws near

Michael Andretti hopes F1 makes room for more teams to participate. And calls for Formula one Management to act. Andretti could have a formula team setup by as early as 2024 he says.

It would be an all American team based in Indianapolis.

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Andretti racing

Michael Andretti already owns multiple race teams in several different race categories. In america he participates in the IndyCar series as well as its junior classes: Indy Lights and Indy Pro 2000. Next to that he participates in the FIA Formula E world championship. However with his own formula 1 team he would achieve a lifelong dream of his.

Participation fee

One big hurdle to take is a one-time $200.000.000 participation fee new teams need to bring. This entrance fee is put in place to compensate the other ten teams for their loss in advertising revenue as it needs to be divided by eleven teams instead of ten when another team enters. However Andretti says this is already covered by the team and his partners.

Is there enough time?

Last year Andretti almost had a deal to take over the Sauber Group (Alfa romeo f1 team) but they pulled out last minute. Starting a new team is a whole new venture.

Formula one management still has to decide if they want an eleventh Team on the grid. The thruth is that if they decide positive a tender will be held so multiple parties can apply. There are several investing groups interested in joining so it is thus not even sure if Andretti would be the chosen team. In any case 2024 comes very soon so any party who wants to participate should already start their preparations.


One thing is sure, the fans would love to see a big name and racing family join formula 1. Which such a big history in F1, father Mario Andretti won the f1 championship in 1978 and Michael Andretti drove for McLaren in 1993.

Lets hope Formula One Management recognises this and gives Andretti racing a chance.

[1] Sarah Stierch, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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