US Track of the Month – San Diego GP – Fiesta Island


Our first US Track of the Month features the wonderful city of San Diego. Fiesta Island, set in Mission Bay, San Diego is set up as a natural track that could provide some great racing.

Sector 1
Sector 2
Sector 3



Little Civic Interference –

Parking – Sea World has a large parking lot nearby that would be able to handle the spectators.

Beach Setting – While we already are given a race on an island (Canada), I’m not sure the beach setting is captured in any other setting.

Travel Destination – San Diego is a great place to spend a weekend. No offense to Austin, TX but it is not neccesarrily a destination that many people would think of when traveling.


Slim Road – The road would likely need to be widened in some areas to promote a better race. Circuits like Baku can be very slim and harmful to the race, but they also do not have the option to widen things.

Infrastructure – There is plenty of space for fans and the teams to set up, but the issue would likely be with the dirt and the one way in and out.


I’m not familiar with how much work goes into these locations, before they are ready for hosting a grand prix in both the sense of the infrastructure as well as prepping the track itself, but at least there would be very little interference as opposed to a downtown setting that is used by many everyday.


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