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In Formula 1, the lack of parity can sometimes lead to predictable results. Our scoring system is designed to reflect the idea that a driver who is able to put together a fast lap and has a quick pit crew, put into a car with excellent reliability and race pace, should win the race when using the correct strategy. This style of scoring not only creates more parity than traditional Formula 1 fantasy games, it also creates great excitement while watching the race. <— Link to H2W


The main factor of your score is based on personal fastest laps from each driver that are set through the duration of the race. From there, your team’s time will be altered based on pit stop times, strategy and penalties. Below is a detailed breakdown on how your score is calculated:

Your initial Lap Time is a representation of how your driver might perform in the car you have chosen. This time is determined by the average of your driver’s fastest lap and the average of the fastest laps between the two drivers in your selected car.

With one pit stop required in the current F1 regulations, each team will spend some time in the pits. Whether your driver comes in for a routine tire change, to swap out a damaged front wing, or something else, the average amount of time your driver spends on each pit stop will be added to your Lap Time.

The last area that will affect your score is your pit stop and tire strategies. The idea here is to predict the strategy that the winner of the race will use to achieve P1. Time will be added to or subtracted from your score by predicting the correct number of pit stops and laps completed on each tire compound.

The difference between the correct number of pit stops and laps on each tire, compared to your predicted strategy, will add time to your score.

DNFs can be the result of driver error, mechanical failure, a mistake in the pits or something completely random. Regardless of the cause of the DNF for your teams’ driver and/or two cars, a penalty of +1.5s will be assessed for each DNF.

Δ 0 1 2 3
Time 0s +1s +2s +3s
Δ 0 1 2 3
Time -1s +.1s +.2s +.3s

Perfect Strategy: -5s
DNF: +1.5s

Each of the three times (Lap, Pit, Strategy) are then added together and the lowest/fastest Total Time is the winner. The Live Scoreboard breaks down each of these three times so you can know where you need to improve while watching the race.

Below is how your team will appear on the Live Scoreboard: