How To Play

Entering A Contest

The form to enter any of our contests is located on the bottom of the Home Page – Click Here To Enter.

There is no need to sign up on our website, but be sure to use an email address that you have access to. Shortly after entering a contest, you will receive an email with info on how to edit your team and where to follow along during the race.


There are a variety of things to consider when selecting your team and strategy. Be sure to check out how our Scoring works before entering.

Each Team/Strategy will consist of:
– 1 Driver (incl. Pit Crew)
– 1 Car
– # of Pit Stops
– # of Laps Completed On Each Available Tire Compound

What To Consider:

Obviously a fast driver with a fast car should yield good results, but a reliable car and driver that can make it to the end of the race is equally as important.

Past Results
Look at what has happened in recent races and practices to get an idea of how many laps cars do on different tire compounds as well as who will have the best pace on race day.

Different cars are better suited for different tracks. Some excel at high-speed circuits, while other cars favor the tighter tracks with more turns.

Keeping an eye on the local weather can help you determine whether the the wet tire options may be used during the race.

Unique Team
The more popular drivers and leading teams are picked most often, but it is still possible to win with a driver and car lower in the standings, especially as DNFs can greatly affect one’s score.

Racing can be unpredictable at times, but factoring in the above along with other things you consider important, could greatly improve your odds at P1.


Shortly after entering a contest, you will receive an email displaying your selected team and strategy. There will also be a link to a form where you can edit your entry, as well as what we refer to as an “Edit Code”

With no sign up required in _______, having access to your email address, and the “Edit Code” is what allows you to change your entry up until 5 minutes before the scheduled start of race time.

To Edit Your Entry:

Click of the EDIT MY ENTRY link in the confirmation email.

Enter the Edit Code in your email at the top of the form.

Enter the SAME email address, and proceed to select your new team and strategy.

You may change your Entry/Team Name, but edits will only be accepted if the Edit Code and Email Address are an exact match to the original entry.


—— not only can earn you money from your knowledge of Formula 1, but it can also add great excitement when watching the race.

If you have a submission to a game, you will be emailed a link before the start of the race where you will find the live leaderboard and can follow along.


The live scoreboard will update throughout the race as drivers turn in their fastest laps, make pit stops, and more. Look for your username to see where you stand.

The left portion of the page will feature leaderboards displaying Driver Fastest Laps, Car Fastest Laps, and Driver Pit Stop Times and the Race Leader Strategy is up top.

The live scoreboard not only displays your calculated score and delta to your nearest opponent, but also each individual scoring factor. This allows you see where you need to make up time on your opponents, and what to root for to happen during the race.

Who/What To Root For While Watching

Fastest Laps

  • You selected driver to set the fastest lap
  • The two drivers of your selected car to also set fast laps

Pit Stops

  • Your selected driver to spend the least average time in the pits


  • The driver that is either leading or you think will win the race to use the same strategy you chose
  • The driver that is on your strategy to win


  • Slow laps and pit stops from your opponents
  • Crashes and mechanical failures for the drivers and cars not on your team

All of our transactions are conducted through PayPal.

Payouts will be made on the Monday after the race.

This gives us enough time to ensure that the results are correct, while still getting you your money as quickly as possible.

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